Beautiful Bridal Makeup

Bridal makeup should be complementary to the bride’s personality and bridal gown styling. The bride's hairstyle, complexion, eye colour and hair colour are some of the factors that determine make up styles and colours. The below model has dramatic colouring. Beautifully defined eyes and rich red lips with a porcelain matt complexion and softly defined cheekbones create a fresh, sultry look. Liquid eyeliner is used to define the upper eye lid with a natural false eyelash to lengthen and thicken her eyelashes. The eyebrows are lightly pencilled and shaped to a soft arch shape following the contour of the eye. Glossy red lips create fullness in the lips and provide contrast to accentuate the model's green hazel eyes. The model’s short dark hair is worn in a sleek, classic bob lightly feathered below the ear to draw attention to the lips with the fringe sleek to one side opening up the forehead and creating eye emphasis. This model's make up and hair style would suit a vintage, 50's or modern style gown with jewellery chosen to suit the gown's aesthetic creating follow through with the hairstyle, make up, jewellery and gown. To make an appointment to discuss your bridal gown please contact me on 0490667081, +490667081 or use the contacts page.

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