French Chantilly Lace

French chantilly lace is one of my favorite bridal laces to use when I am designing a bridal gown. Lace is a popular choice for creating detailing to a bridal gown design, a popular choice for today’s bride. There are many types of lace guipure, Chantilly, embroidered nets or cut-out embroidered organza. French Chantilly is a traditional bridal lace dating back to the 17th century, named after the city of Chantilly, France though usually made in Bayeux, France or Geraardsbergen, Belgium.

Chantilly lace is a intricately detailed bobbin lace made from finely interconnecting loops that form the net background with the lace’s design being woven into the net.

Roses are a centuries old traditional design that can have a fine cording sewn around the rose design to create dimension to the lace, known as corded Chantilly lace. Beaded Chantilly lace is also available with seed pearls, crystals or sequins sewn throughout the lace design.

Chantilly lace was originally made from silk or linen in black, white or natural. Black was originally used for mourning and became popular in Spain and the Americas for shawls and sleeves in the lavish Latin American dresses.

Today French Chantilly is more commonly made from natural cotton fibre giving the lace a matt fibre. Chantilly cording and beading or the fabric used underneath the lace create contrast and provide definition for the delicate lace design. Chantilly lace is also re-produced today in Asia with synthetic fibres that have a sheen but tend to not be as intricately detailed.

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