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Planning a wedding or any major event can be a very stressful time placing strain on relationships, finances, work/personal life balance resulting in health problems, tiredness, sleeping problems, skin and eating disorders. Personal coaching is a great way to help you plan and progressively work towards your vision of your big day. A personal coach or counselling sessions can assist you in the planning of your wedding, keeping you focused and on track. Counselling and coaching can help you de-stress, increases your positivity and motivation right up to your wedding day. It is good to talk to someone who is there for you, to listen respectfully to you without interfering with your sense of autonomy. Judy Medway offers the specialised service of coaching or counselling with face to face, email, telephone or skype sessions. A qualified art therapist, counsellor and coach Judy understands weddings with over 29 years experience designing personalised bridal gowns and assisting brides plan their big day. Please phone +61429031051, use the contact page or email to arrange an appointment.

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